This project HAMOP is a collaboration between a well knowen German medium sized factory who is specialist for high end  water purfiying systems that are designed for larger villages and cities.

Some time ago I presented this company my idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis tiny little portable drinking water system, and they were left thrilled somewhat unusual, as a kind of new product line to develop and so we agreed to cooperate us as soon as I put together the financing.

The producer of the HAWAP 1 system hasn´t continued because it was finally to expencive. So we decided to go a different way of production.
We were checking how to reduce production costs so that we finally get to a purchase price of 600 - 1000 USD which would make it possible to serve much more users with such a easy filtering system.

We´ll develop the system here in Germany and build it together so that it´s made in Germany and got the hight german quality standart. But we´ll buy the main materials directly in the factories - mainly in Asia - at special factory prices instead of wholesale prices in Germany. Under this condition, we can be sure to be to obtain the best quality under reaching our target prices.

Each purifyer be checked before shipping - and all systems would be approved by the german TUEV of course.

The seller of these systems always would be the German factory. I myself I generate ideas for products, services, for the best buying prices - and care for the marketing.
under the aspect that we want to contribute to our (small) part to be able to drink the more people better water and this project / product and we are due to a very narrow calculation that construct the mobile water filtration systems, calculate and offer.
Usual target clients are the NGO´s in the world.