Here you see the HAWAP 1 which is an already almost finished product from Germany and it´s been produced in a little volume until now.

The HAWAP 1 is the abbreviation for MOBILE WATER PURIFYER. It square and an ample feet tall. To use it comes to natural disasters, because the water supply is then, especially in remote areas, an urgent problem. After natural disasters wells and rivers are often polluted with bacteria and other pathogens. People suffering from diarrhea, cholera and other diseases that are due to contaminated water. Not infrequently, this leads to death, especially in children. HAWAP intended to prevent.

A membrane filter filters out 99.99% of bacteria and pathogens. So there is no need of energy, chemicals, or other additives. For several months, so can PAUL daily filter about 1,200 liters of water and thus provide 400 people with clean drinking water.

The HAWAP is "made in Germany". It has been tested by the German Technical Institute as an absolute safe system.

This HAWAP is been designed to be used usually in desaster regions for an first aid.

The price of this version would be at an min. order of 10 units of about 1800 USD.

The system is very simple. You fill on top dirty water into an hole and wait a while until it was running throught an filtersystem and comes out down below clean at the faucet. Then you can drink it without any danger.