The HAMOP is our design for serial production. It is an very robust modular system that can be delivered with different water filtering capacities from 50ltr./h up to 150ltr./h. without any electrical support.

Also it can be delivered with separate watertanks on each site and an manual waterpump to pump out the water from the river or fountain into the watertanks and from there it can run throught the filtering system to come out clean as drinking water at the faucet.

It can serve a little village or shool everyday regularly with drinking water.

This system is very servicefriendly. Due to very low mechanic inside it doesn´t need normally any regular service and no electrical power. It only needs a controllng of the filter inside about every 12 month.

Same as the HAWAP, a membrane filter filters out 99.99% of bacteria and pathogens. So there is no need of energy, chemicals, or other additives. For several months, THE HAMOP 300 can filter on daily basis up to about 3000 liters of water and thus provide up to 400 people with clean drinking water.

The price depends on the filtering capacity/h. & performance. The estimated purchasing price for the basic system would run between about USD 600 for the HAMOP 50 tp up to about USD 1200  for the HAMOP 300 (when taking min. 200 units)

The HAMOP comes in a stabil cartonbox.