The lack of drinking water is not only after disasters such as earthquakes or hurricanes, a major problem in many countries but a general problem because often the available water is heavily polluted by bacteria.

And as there is a shortage of wood charcoal and peoples cannot affort to buy the charcoal to cook and so to clean the water often ist not possible.

That is why we were discussing with an specialist german manufacturer of water filtering systems about an affordable, mobile water purifying systems that can serve peoples with drinkable water who doesn´t have access at present to clean water-

the target while development is to develop a simple, robust and largely maintenance free thereby cost-effective system.

So we came to these 2 designs HAWAP & HAMOP. Both systems are super simple mobile water purifyers which all works according to the membrane system and who are more or less service free.

Already this simple system can save many lives by providing citizens with a clear, germ-free water that is safe to drink.

Beside these 2 systems we got on hold ideas for some more simple systems which we will continue to develope once we can see we are on the right direction with our idea.

Those designs are still cost effective and prepared to even serve larger villages.